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In naming our company ZeroMils, we connected a term our founders used in the military to our business model and the 5 key factors we help organizations with, in order to achieve maximum impact, precisely on their stated goals and objectives.

In using the term “Check ZeroMils” we are drawing that analogy out even further to the end state of a process we guide purpose-driven organizations through called strategy alignment—one that ensures all stakeholders (internal and external) are focused and committed to achieving a shared vision.

“Check ZeroMils” is akin to a partnership where there is full agreement across the board. Everyone “gets it” and is moving in the same direction for the same purpose. There isn’t an ounce of doubt; no question about it, we are all rowing together in the same direction for the same purpose. In many instances one will ask, “are you all in,” or in the “naval service, “are you on-board?” The expectation is a resounding, “absolutely!” In our world we simply ask, “Check?” The response is, “Check! ZeroMils!”

If you close your eyes, you can see and imagine the incredible impact on the horizon. It’s just a matter of time. Can you hear it? Can you see it? Do you want to be a part of it?

“Check? Check, ZeroMils!”

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How building and strengthening communities is at the heart of positive change.

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Aligning with for profits and nonprofits to build collaborative teams that bring real change.

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Read and see media coverage on ZeroMils and our incredible community of Changemakers.

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