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“Military-thriving” challenges the commonly used phrases, “military friendly” and “military ready”, both of which have been used to describe corporations and communities that welcome the military and veteran community. Rather, “military thriving” is a phrase and brand used by ZeroMils to depict a holistic approach – one that creates cultures and communities where military and veteran families can thrive in and with the communities where they live, work and serve. How can we help you get to Military Thriving?

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ZeroMils is focused on helping military families thrive in the workplace and in communities nationwide. In creating “military-thriving” cultures, we help address the unique and persistent challenges that they face as a result of service in the Armed Forces.  These include underemployment and extremely low retention rates for younger Veterans, staggering rates of unemployment for military spouses (25-30%); and the feeling of disconnectedness that 3 out of every 4 military families experience. 

A vast majority (79%) of active duty families strongly believe that their civilian neighbors have no understanding of the military service experience, or the sacrifices made by service members, veterans, and their families. The costs and consequences of this widening divide extend beyond the challenges faced daily by service members, veterans, and families. The Department of Defense and its senior leadership have repeatedly characterized the growing military-civilian divide as a top threat to national security.

We firmly believe that engagements drive outcomes, and no matter what the cause, building and strengthening communities is at the heart of positive change. The truth is both of these tenets are inextricably linked to making connections with (and between) people, organizations, and ideas. Our hope is these connections will lead to enduring relationships, and result in a larger ecosystem, capable of making a greater difference together.

Whether you’re a corporation, nonprofit, foundation, or everyday American, we ask that you join us to make a greater impact within our service communities.

ZeroMils is committed to creating a movement that helps military and Veteran-connected families thrive as entrepreneurs and small business owners in the communities where you work, live, and serve. At ZeroMils, we are Military Thriving because of our service, not in spite of it, and we want you to thrive too.

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