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ZeroMils is a social impact consulting firm specializing in alignment, partnership, marketing, growth, and development strategies.

By leveraging relationships and connecting with the causes we believe in with corporations and the broader “giving community”, we are making a greater impact and effecting positive change on the most pressing issues facing our nation and those who serve it.

ZeroMils builds integrated partnership strategies that align corporate clients with select nonprofits from our “Portfolio of Purpose” — 50 vetted, best-in-class nonprofits that collectively reach and impact millions of Veterans and their families each year.

Please fill out the contact form with your information, email us directly, or call us at (703) 249-9727.

We look forward to hearing from you; and with your help, expanding and growing our connected community of purpose-driven organizations and changemakers to make a greater difference.

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Driving Impact

Beyond Expectations

As leaders of a national nonprofit called Operation Gratitude, we grew our team from 13 employees to 37 over three years, doubling revenue and the impact we made on those who serve and their families. In raising more than $50 million in contributions from corporations, foundations and individuals and impacting more than 3 million Americans in and out of uniform; our team elevated the organization’s brand as the country’s largest nonprofit for hands-on volunteerism in support of military, veterans, and first responders.

Our passion, experience, and knowledge — powered by deeply purposeful and enduring relationships with our team, volunteers, and partners across the public and private sectors —  helped drive unprecedented impact during a global pandemic.  

For over a decade as nonprofit leaders, we proved a partnership model that we now employ with our clients at ZeroMils. Unconstrained and unencumbered by serving just one organization, we are helping numerous corporations, foundations, and everyday Americans find their “perfect fit” and align with nonprofits doing the most impactful work. 

The vision for ZeroMils is to be a catalyst for change — to create a connected community, supported by a massive network of purpose-driven organizations and ecosystem of changemakers, who work and serve together to effect positive change and make the world a better place. 


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