What We Do

Unconstrained and unencumbered by serving one organization, our hope is to make a greater impact working with multiple partners and causes we believe in.

The ZeroMils Team advises and supports for profit and for impact organizations on programs, campaigns, and other projects and initiatives, driving outcomes that are unique to their needs, with a specific emphasis on the following:

Military Talent

Pipeline Development

Help corporations establish relationships with employment and service focused public / nonprofit organizations with whom we have strong relationships at the C-Suite level

Build Veterans & Military Spouse ERGs and cultural assimilation programs to improve connectedness to communities and overall readiness

Help recruiting teams create a diverse Military and Veteran talent pipeline to meet overall DE&I goals

Community Engagement


Give Back Strategies

Collaborate on a strategic volunteer and community engagement plan

Provide recommendations and options for campaigns, engagements, and service projects with military and veteran connected nonprofits



Connect dozens of nonprofit partners with whom we have strong relationships at the C-Suite level

Conduct initial outreach, phone calls, and set individual meetings with CEOs and other key leaders on the development and communications/marketing teams

Make introductions and schedule meetings with potential partners

Develop meeting agenda(s), briefings and talking points

Facilitate / participate in meetings with potential partners



Result-Driven Marketing

Collaborate with communications teams to build an overarching marketing strategy that tells a cohesive story and amplifies an organization’s talent acquisition and social impact efforts, ultimately driving brand awareness and business outcomes, including but not limited to, customer loyalty among military and veteran connected families

Create brand-centric marketing assets that present the story powerfully and drives action from the community at large

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