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ZeroMils works with corporations, foundations, and everyday Americans to find their “perfect fit” with nonprofits doing the most impactful work and align with their passions and brands.

Our approach is to not only work with long-standing supporters of causes we believe in, but to also bring new corporate partners—with new perspectives, new revenue streams, and new energy—to military, veteran, DE&I, and service-oriented nonprofits with which we/ve built enduring relationships.

While we connect many of our corporate clients with larger nonprofits, we also align them with the “David’s in a Goliath space.” Through corporate funding, volunteerism, and in-kind donations including products and services, innovation and technological solutions, these smaller nonprofits and “startups” that share their mission, vision and values will grow rapidly and so will their impact.

Our existing portfolio of nonprofits, large and small, is continually growing to effect change in communities nationwide—oftentimes aligning our partners in geographies where they share a common footprint and shared goals and objectives.

ZeroMils’ clients include Allstate, America’s Warrior Partnership, Blue Star Families, Hope for the Warriors, International Franchise Association, Oscar Mike, Sport Clips Haircuts, Student Veterans of America, and Team Red, White and Blue.

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