Why We Do It

We do it because we are military thriving, and we want others to thrive too.

We have the passion for service, the devotion to strengthening communities, and the burning desire to make an impact that matters to millions of people nationwide. We’re driven by the need to seek out opportunities with people who share our vision and understand how crucial it is right here and right now.

From where we stand today, military veterans and their spouses are facing a crisis of underemployment. For all of their courage and selfless service, their strength, and their resilience, some are struggling in their daily lives due to a lack of economic opportunities.

This is why the founders of ZeroMils are continuing to devote their life’s work of closing these gaps for those who proudly serve—and the spouses who stand by them—and their civilian neighbors.

Building strong, vibrant, connected communities empowered by partnerships between purpose-driven corporations and nonprofits, we can solve these great challenges—together.

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