Why We Do It

Our commitment to purpose-driven work inspires us to explore new opportunities with like-minded partners who share our passion for service and our desire to make a greater impact in communities nationwide.

ZeroMils is the convergence of our founders’ repeated calls to serve throughout their lives — not only during their collective five decades in the Marine Corps but for more than a decade leading national nonprofit organizations. 

They continue to devote themselves to their life’s work of strengthening communities and bridging divides to include closing the gap between those who serve and their civilian neighbors. 

Along the way they have met extraordinary leaders who have been called to serve in similar ways, and others in uniquely different ways. 

No matter what those callings are, ZeroMils believes that building strong, vibrant, connected communities empowered by true public-private partnerships is critical to solving the greatest challenges we face as individuals and as a nation. 

Our Partners

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