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Veterans and Military Spouses

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Are you a Veteran or a military spouse looking for your next mission? Do you want to start, lead and grow your own small business or franchise?
At ZeroMils, we are thriving small business owners, Veterans and military spouses too. We want to show you how you can thrive, too.​


Veterans are
45% more likely
to own a small business than civilians

Owning a small business is an extraordinary opportunity for Veterans and Military Spouses to thrive in their post-service careers. Unfortunately, many transitioning service members never explore this opportunity, but those who do are proving themselves, time and again.

ZeroMils has partnered with some incredible thriving brands who share our mission, vision and values. Together, we are opening up more small business opportunities for Veterans and military spouses while making their journey to business ownership as seamless as possible.

At ZeroMils, we want our history to be every Veteran and Military Spouse small business owner’s future. We want you to thrive, too.

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We believe it is important for veterans to realize their purpose and potential here on the homefront and in the business community by providing them with the backing of a successful business model, defined procedures, and a robust support team, we enable veteran-owned franchises to thrive and achieve a better quality of life.

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