If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to own a small business or a franchise, let’s realize your full potential and start thriving.
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Military Thriving LIVE

EP 2 / Aspiring Entrepreneurs

May 30
12:00 pm
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Take Charge of Your Future.

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Start, lead, and grow your own small business or franchise with us—hear what you need to know, utilize the right tools, and make your connections. Make your journey to small business ownership both inevitable and seamless with the help of our corporate partners. 

ZeroMils is committed to creating a movement that helps military and Veteran-connected families thrive as entrepreneurs and small business owners in the communities where you work, live, and serve. At ZeroMils, we are Military Thriving™ because of our service, not in spite of it, and we want you to thrive too.

Together we are making the journey for aspiring Veteran and Military Spouse entrepreneurs to own and grow a small business—seamless and inevitable. We want our history to be every Veteran and Military Spouse small business owner’s future.

We can help you discover whether owning a small business is right for you.

About Us

ZeroMils is a term of both science and art, used in the military to describe a state of perfection that accounts for accuracy and effectiveness. Once attained, ZeroMils allows  you to achieve maximum impact on a target.

Our mission as social impact consultants to corporations and nonprofit organizations is to create Military Thriving cultures and communities. Our vision is to use our experiences to make our history every Veteran’s and Military Spouse’s future—with a focus on small business owners like us.

We are intentional in our efforts to serve alongside organizations and leaders who focus on what we know to be true:  that although Veterans and their families face unique challenges, the vast majority of us overcome them and thrive as a result of our service and not in spite of it.

Our Founders

Kevin Schmiegel

Kevin Schmiegel is CEO at ZeroMils. A retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, Kevin is a mission-focused leader with a proven track record for rapidly scaling nonprofits and a reputation for delivering significant results. Kevin founded Hiring Our Heroes at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and was CEO of two other national nonprofits. Raising $100 million for these causes over a decade, Kevin and his teams have impacted millions of Americans, in and out of uniform. He is a proud husband to Laura and a father of five.

Paul Cucinotta
President & COO

Paul Cucinotta is President & Chief Operating Officer at ZeroMils. He is a retired Marine Corps colonel, and highly accomplished leader, specializing in diverse and complex organizations. Paul most recently served as the COO and CFO of a nationally recognized military and first responder non-profit, where he scaled and streamlined operations. When not tackling complex challenges, you can find Paul on the beach with his wife Beth, and growing family, in Emerald Isle, NC.

Start Thriving

Virtual Event
12–1:15 PM EDT

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